TCA Faculty Profile
Noemi MutzNoemi Mutz
Noemi Mutz

TCA Preschool Director
Hometown: Tracy, CA

TCA has been blessed recently to welcome to our staff Noemi Mutz, as our new Preschool Director. Noemi and her family have recently moved to Franklin from Oklahoma where she was a Director for 10 years.

Noemi recently revealed a few things about herself she wanted us to share with you.

Q: How long have you been in education and will you share a little insight with us about how you became an educator?

As a young person I felt God calling me to one day work with children. After finishing high school, I went to college to become a K-3rd grade teacher. I fell in love with preschool age children shortly after starting school and changed my major to Early Childcare Education. I have been working with young children for over 23 years.

Q: What are some valuable lessons you learned early in life or your career that you still use today?

Be kind and fair. It is important to set boundaries created out of love and stability.

Q: The most misunderstood thing about working in education is... 

For young childcare especially; people tend to look at us as glorified babysitters, when in fact our job is to build a strong foundation that can be built on as a child ages and grows.

Q: What are some of the reasons that TCA students and families should attend the upcoming Franklin PumpkinFest on Oct. 24?

As a new family to TCA and Franklin, NC, I believe it’s important for families and students to show their support of our school during the festival. The festival offers a great opportunity for the school to get out in the community and let people know who we [Trimont] are and what we are here to do.

Q: When you're not on the job at school or fulfilling other duties in the community, what do you like to do?

As a wife for 15 years and mother of three, I spend a great deal of time with my husband and children. We enjoy camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities. We enjoy having big meals and spending time with friends and extended family members.

You can contact Noemi at: (828) 369-6756, ex. 238 or